KAKI’s Journey of Deploying on Arbitrum

Arbitrum is one of the solutions from the Ethereum Layer2 Rollups family, designed to better handle the high throughput and gas fees of the DeFi protocol on Ethereum. These rollup solutions are based on the principle of putting results on-chain and executing computation and storage off-chain. Simply put, participants submit their transaction data to the Ethereum chain and all users are able to view the transactions, however, the computation and storage of the transactions are performed off-chain. The Layer2 track is still early in its development, and the current scaling solutions on this track are first movers. Many teams willing to deploy Layer 2 networks have chosen Arbitrum, as evidenced by the fact that there are now over 250 projects intended to build on Abitrum.

KAKI—a decentralized protocol for retail options https://twitter.com/kakioptions https://t.co/gV5aLGbPfD?amp=1