KAKI is a no-loss options protocol, a GameFi project deployed on Arbitrum. KAKI makes players Play to Earn and is currently in public testing. This article will give you a better understanding of KAKI, starting with the following three questions:

1. Why will KAKI have a crucial impact on DeFi?

2. Why did KAKI choose the more complex solution — Arbitrum in the first place, instead of other more easily deployed scaling solutions such as BSC?

3. When will KAKI go live on the mainnet?

The biggest highlight of KAKI is No-loss. Why is it No-loss? Generally speaking, there are…

Step 1: Transfer your ETH to Layer2

First, open the link to the KAKI no-loss trading game and set your wallet to the Ethereum Mainnet.

If there are two ways in front of you, be sure to choose the harder one. Because in the Defi world, there is never an easy way to guard the safety of users’ funds.

Recently, the largest hacking incident in the history of cryptocurrency occurred on Poly Network. Including Poly Network, the sidechains involved, Tether, exchanges, security companies, KOLs, and victim groups, went after the hackers and the lost funds. Eventually under pressure, the hackers returned the funds one by one on August 11.

This incident was a wake-up call to all the DeFi protocols. KAKI always puts the safety…

Full Name: Writer market-making — Delta dynamic hedging.

WMM: Peer-to-Pool mode, better access to liquidity.

DDH: Hedge Delta & Vega risk and attract more liquidity.


KAKI’s mechanism is so innovative and unique that currently, no options protocol on-chain is the same as it. KAKI is essentially a decentralized options protocol with three trading pools that offer OTC European options.

The three trading pools respectively are:

(1) AH pool, provide options for buying and selling.

(2) S pool, AMM spot pool using x*y=k, similar to Uniswap, approach for hedging Delta risk.

(3) Sigma pool, a volatility trading pool using the…

Captain trading logic & FAQ

No-loss game mechanism:

As we talked about in the introduction of No-loss games, the mechanism of No-loss is that participants deposit their assets in KAKI protocol, and KAKI automatically deposits these funds into a loan protocol to earn interest. These interests are collected and put into the total prize pool, distributed proportionally among the players who win the game. This means that the more you deposit, the more prize money you will receive, but this is all subject to you winning the game. As a captain, all you need to do is use your KAKI chips (KC) wisely to earn…

Before we start, lets’ familiar ourselves again with the background of no-loss options. As we all know, there are three products in KAKI, no-loss options, binary options, and European options. The mission of no-loss options is to provide users with a simple and interesting trading experience, so it is designed like a game. So no-loss options is the star product of KAKI to attract tvl and defi players. KAKI team also spent a lot on developing this product.

And you may be very curious, why it can be NO-LOSS?

Speaking of that, it is a genius design!

Before users start…

Welcome to the KAKI Testnet Pioneer Party!

KAKI is a decentralized trading game built on Arbitrum. Our mission is to lower the threshold of options and allow more retail traders to enjoy options. We are now excited to announce that one of KAKI’s core products, No-loss Options, is now open for small-scale testing! The Test Pioneer Party is designed to allow a group of people to participate in the test. To ensure the user experience, KAKI will collect feedback from the test pioneers after the test to further update the product. All pioneers who participate in the test will receive a random KAKI Captain NFT. …

  1. Open your wallet, select the Rinkeby test network, and copy your wallet address

2. Post a tweet, the content is your wallet address, copy the link of this tweet.

How Do I Get KAKI Captain NFTs?

With the upcoming testnet event, if you want to own KAKI’s rare NFTs, you need to:

1. Follow the official KAKI Twitter Account, retweet our pinned tweet, and join the Discord community to receive the test quiz.

2. Complete the quiz, and 100 eligible testers will be entitled to join the Testnet party and receive a random Captain NFT.

3. The top 3 players in the profit ranking will receive a Monopoly NFT, which can be redeemed for a 300 USD equivalent KOT airdrop after our IDO.

4. The 3 people who make the most valuable suggestions will receive Advisor…

Before discussing Delta, let’s look at figure 1 above to familiarize ourselves with the four risk dimensions of options: Vega, Theta, Delta, and Gamma.

Delta measures the sensitivity of an option price to changes in the price of its underlying asset and is the magnitude of the change in the option price caused by a one-unit change in the price of the underlying asset, i.e., a one-unit change in the price of the underlying asset is followed by a one-unit change in the price of the option contract. value is 0.65, this means that if the price of the underlying…

Becky | KAKI

KAKI—a decentralized protocol for retail options https://twitter.com/kakioptions https://t.co/gV5aLGbPfD?amp=1

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